The President's Corner

I have been asked, on a number of occasions, why our club is so successful. Did you know NNEBC is one of the largest Brittany clubs in the country? It is the most active club in the Northeast. Why? My answer always starts out the same, it's our members. You and me make our club so successful.

As members, we take pride in our club. And we should! We are a great group of individuals who truly love the Brittany. We have members that have been with the club almost since it was incorporated in 1979. That says something about us. Members who stay with a club so long, participate in one or more events annually, and attend members meeting to hear and share knowledge, are remarkable.

We have a minimum of six events annually. The event chairpersons are the same members who have been organizing these events for many, many years. While each person loves their particular specialty event, it takes many hours to plan well in advance of the big day. Kind of like planning a wedding. Each chairperson needs a team to rely on, to take on a specific task, to manage and complete that task, so that the event is a success. Without volunteers to take on these tasks, the burden to pull it all together falls on the chairperson. As anyone who has experienced overload, at home or at work, it's exhausting and can lead to burnout.

I've noticed over the past few years, there has been a dwindling population of volunteerism. When this happens, events are in jeopardy of being canceled, or being dropped in the future. As your club president, this is very disheartening for me. The club needs YOU!

I want to urge all members to step forward and be proactive in volunteering their time to their favorite club event or any event. What's that you say, "You don't know how an event is put together"? The best way to learn about events is to attend, spend some time, talk to other members, ask questions, and get out in the field to see what needs to be done. Trust me, you'll have a lot fun, go home tired and with a "feel good feeling" about your contribution of time and energy to a great club, your club.

Beginning this year, we will be recruiting volunteers in advance. So when your phone rings, and you hear a familiar voice, please consider saying yes to continuing the success of our club.